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Jada and Jasmine Dove

Jada and Jasmine smiling at the camera.
Kernersville, NC


Kernersville, North Carolina (born in Ohio)


Jada: Exercise Science with a minor in Public Health
Jasmine: Exercise Science

When balancing the demands of the classroom while making friends and becoming involved on campus, it is nice to feel there is someone on your side. For fraternal twin sisters Jasmine and Jada, that support comes from the person who knows them best —each other.

Now juniors anticipating graduation in May 2021, this friendship and sisterhood has blossomed into a partnership of success, driving their own personal achievements and building campus community.

Jasmine Dove wearing a SAFE shirt.

“My family is home and having their support while I’m here at UNC Charlotte really means a lot to me,” said Jada. “Jasmine is understanding and eager for growth in herself and our relationship as sisters; it is what I admire about her the most. Throughout our lives we have had many struggles, but my sister has always been understanding of every situation. She has challenged me to think about how I can become better. I am reminded that with every challenge there comes growth."

Jasmine, too, recognizes the strength and special nature of their sisterly bond.

“We’re still trying to figure out who we are as individuals, but if we’re going through a rough time or if there is anything I need, I know she’s [Jada] there for me. She’s a very strong individual and challenges people to do their best,” Jasmine added. “She doesn't lower her standards. She is very intelligent. When I’m stuck on an idea, she tends to always be the one to open my mind to other things. She is an ideal person and truly my best friend, no matter what.”

Same School, Different Paths

Jada smiling wearing a NinerGuide shirt.

Despite being twins, Jada and Jasmine have a strong sense of identity and what they uniquely bring to the table as both sisters and, more importantly, as individuals at UNC Charlotte.

While Jada has always felt drawn to Niner Nation, Jasmine was unsure until a senior high school tour convinced her that UNC Charlotte was the place she could grow and develop.

“What drew me to UNC Charlotte was the diversity I saw within the students, faculty and staff, the organizations and the academics,” Jada explained.

“It meant a lot to me to see students who looked like me, especially in leadership positions. I’ve always been a leader all my life, so coming to UNC Charlotte felt like a natural fit,” Jasmine confirmed.

So they chose to attend UNC Charlotte together.

Once enrolled and attending classes as freshmen, Jada and Jasmine quickly sought out opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Determined to make names for themselves, both young women found leadership positions within Student Affairs.

Building Family Connections

Jada joined the program that made the biggest impression on her during their family tour, Student Advising for Freshman Excellence (SAFE).

“SAFE works to really impact its students. When I was a freshman, people involved in the program were so uplifting and open to helping with the many challenges and experiences I went through to help put me on the path to success,” Jada observed.

Meanwhile, Jasmine gravitated to both SAFE and the Campus Activities Board (CAB).

“Going to orientation as a first year student, I was really able to connect with my orientation counselor (OC). He was a leader on campus and told me about CAB,” Jasmine recalled. “It was all of my high school clubs combined into one. It was an organization where I could grow and develop myself; a place I could see myself becoming a leader on campus.”

Their level of involvement grew, and so did the meaningful connections. It seems the twins naturally inspire a special kinship with the people they meet.

For Jasmine, CAB became a source for social networking and community. “I love working events for the campus and students through CAB. I love how I can just go in the office and it’s a place where there are positive vibes,” Jasmine said.

As the youngest coordinator on the team in SAFE, Jada looked up to the older coordinators for guidance.

“They took me in with open arms. We have shared many stories, laughs, and words of wisdom,” Jada said. “We are able to work as a strong leadership team for our new director and graduate assistant. Through these interactions, it has created a small family for me away from home.”

Jasmine relates to that in her own work with SAFE and now enjoys being able to pass along that familial bond with Jada to younger students.

“They have become like little sisters to me and I want to make an impact on their lives,” Jasmine explained. “We are able to connect as a family and learn something new from one another.”

Paying It Forward

Jada and Jasmine standing together wearing matching SAFE shirts.

With Jasmine as a Special Events Coordinator in CAB and Jada as a Coordinator for Outreach in SAFE, you can catch both buzzing around campus, while somehow making time to spend with one another and clubs within their major, like the Kinesiology Student Organization.

They enjoy being busy and understand the value that comes with hard work and helping others in need. Jada describes it with a generational perspective.

“I’ve always had a service state of mind. I enjoy giving our students opportunities to seek out different fields that they might be interested in,” Jada said, referring to SAFE. “Our parents taught us from a very young age that giving back to the community is good. Seeing the happiness that comes from helping others is important to me.”

An aspiring doctor, Jada wants to continue her education, pursue a masters degree in public health, then follow with medical school.

“I want to focus on epidemiology and global health,” Jada said. “I'm interested in doing research on how to prevent certain diseases and help people from different countries to really make a difference, especially within minority groups.”

Jasmine, too, hopes to continue her education, while dreaming of adventure and seeing the world. She is open to the unexpected. One of her most memorable campus moments was the excitement and shared energy of meeting the artist and working behind-the-scenes as a team with CAB staffers to make last fall’s Ari Lennox concert a success.

“I want to go into the health administration or sport administration, but I want to keep my options open to see what major brings me,” Jasmine said. “I don’t want to limit my opportunities. I want to do as much traveling as I can. I want to see the Bahamas, go to the Mediterranean, or even Scotland.”

Does this mean their paths diverge in the future? For now, they are taking it day-by-day, as Jada would say.

Whether together or on their own, these twins know this: they will always be there for each other, supporting and challenging the other to succeed. In doing the same for their extended family of incoming students, peers, and friends, they are indeed two-of-a-kind; but each destined to leave her own legacy with Niner Nation.

Jada and Jasmine Dove smiling at a football game.