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Large group of students celebrating graduation, Winter 2018

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan outlines a comprehensive five-year strategy for the division. It compliments the UNC Charlotte ten-year Strategic Plan, Shaping What's Next.

Read the Full 2022-2027 Strategic Plan




Goal A: Expand high-impact learning practices to strengthen academic and co-curricular development through access to mentoring, developing career competencies, and engaged learning.

  • Objective A.1 Strengthen student development through shared learning outcomes and high impact experiential learning practices.
  • Objective A.2 Advance student learning outcomes through campus collaboration and cooperation.

Goal B: Integrate diversity, equity and inclusion as a structural cornerstone of our practice.

  • Objective B.1 Cultivate divisional equity and inclusion.
  • Objective B.2 Enhance marketing and communication efforts to appropriately represent diverse identities and experiences.
  • Objective B.3 Expand diversity, equity, and inclusion learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Goal C: Advance the Charlotte Model through innovative, creative, and inclusive student services, facilities, programs, and activities.

  • Objective C.1: Increase undergraduate and graduate student sense of belonging and student engagement.
  • Objective C.2 Review and expand the role of undergraduate and graduate student sense of belonging and engagement in facility design, renovation, and space utilization.
  • Objective C.3 Advance undergraduate and graduate students' connection to the city of Charlotte and their larger community.

Goal D: Instill a culture of holistic health, wellbeing, and care.

  • Objective D.1 Achieve recognition as a U.S. Health Promoting Campus through the Okanagan Charter.

Goal E: Invest in our employees who are invested in our students.

  • Objective E.1 Expand professional development opportunities for SHRA and EHRA staff members.
  • Objective E.2 Develop and enhance team approach within the division.
  • Objective E.3 Recognize and reward excellence in the division.