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Campus Resources
Aerial view of campus with Star Quad and CHHS/COE plaza


Demonstration Activity Resource Team (DART)

The Demonstration Activity Resource Team (DART) website contains information and resources related to how UNC Charlotte works to create and sustain an environment where freedom of speech and expression are supported and honored.

Student Activity Fees Commission (SAFC)

The Student Activity Fees Commission (SAFC) is a group of students and advisors empowered by the Chancellor to allocate the student activity fees to the five divisions of the Student Association. They also conduct audits and supervise the use of funding to ensure it is used for the best interest of the students.

Tuition, Dining, and Housing Appeals

Tuition, Housing and Dining Appeals is a process for students with an extenuating circumstances during the semester in which tuition, housing, and/or dining charges were applied. This website contains information about the process, circumstances that warrant an appeal, documentation criteria, and links to appropriate forms.

Noble Niner

The Noble Niner embodies the values that each student of Niner Nation strives to uphold as a member of our University community: Scholarship, Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Honor, Compassion, and Character.

Community Engagement Framework

Community Engagement occurs when academics and community partners work collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated by geographic proximity, special interest or similar situations to address issues affecting the well‐being of partners.

Best Practices for Hiring & Searches

This guide provides a broad resource for creating better, thoughtful, and more inclusive hiring practices. It is not designed to be prescriptive (except for sections that deal with HR policy or the law), but rather brings forth issues to consider in the search and hiring process.