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Charlotte Hosts UNC System Financial Literacy Symposium for Second Straight Year

Dr. Brad Yeckley speaking at the second annual UNC Financial Literacy Symposium
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On Nov. 1-2, UNC Charlotte hosted the UNC System’s second annual Financial Literacy Symposium, sponsored by Fidelity Investments. The event brought together representatives from 16 of the 17 system's institutions, as well as guests from across the country to build upon last year’s successful program. Overall, there were about 80 total participants.

The purpose of the annual symposium is to foster a culture of financial wellness for all institutions in attendance. It is also meant to recognize financial wellness as a critical life skill, particularly for college students embarking on independent financial journeys.

Chancellor Sharon L. Gaber spoke at the event, and underscored the importance of this collaborative efforts, while emphasizing the University’s commitment to preparing students for both academic success and their financial well-being.

“As both a Chancellor and a parent, I’ve seen the need to help students make informed financial decisions,” Gaber said. “It’s great to see us making financial wellness a priority. “ 

At the symposium, Charlotte’s Niner Finances honored peer ambassador Ronni Lilly with an award for her commitment to helping organize and execute the symposium for the second straight year. The award highlighted her exemplary leadership and dedication, as well as her passion, professionalism and teamwork.

The symposium's agenda reflected the importance of building habits during college that foster financial wellness into adulthood.  Topics ranged from cultural relevance in financial education to leveraging technology to reach students. Additionally, student perspectives were highlighted through interactive lunch and learn sessions and collaborating opportunities, ensuring that the voices of those directly impacted by financial wellness initiatives were heard.

The symposium's outcomes were meant to extend beyond the walls of the meeting room. The event's shared knowledge and collective expertise are a valuable foundation to develop sustainable and responsive student-focused financial wellness programs across the UNC System.

For more information on upcoming financial literacy events and education at Charlotte, visit Niner Finances.