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Campus Resources

How To Donate

To direct your donation to our Division:

  1. Click on the "Give Now" link below to go to the University's Giving website.

    Give Now

  2. You will be directed to the page below.
    • In the "Select Your Area(s) of Interest" section, choose "Athletics & Student Experience."  Under the "Funds Available" section that will appear, select "Student Experience" to see a list of selected funds. 
Screenshot showing to instructions from steps above.
  • Or, type "Student Affairs" in the provided search box to see a complete list of funds.
  1. From the drop down menu, check the box next to the appropriate fund you would like to direct your donation.  You can choose as many as you would like and later designate how much you'd like to give to each fund.
  2. Once selected, the fund will show up under the "Your Gift Selections" box on the right. 
Screenshot showing Gift Selection payment options.


3.  Select your method of payment, designate the amount you would like to give to each chosen fund and follow the check out procedure.