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Best Practices for Hiring and Searches

This guide is provided as a broad - but by no means comprehensive - resource for creating better, thoughtful, and more inclusive hiring practices. It is not designed to be prescriptive (except for sections that deal with HR policy or the law), but rather issues to consider in the search and hiring process.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

  • Reviewing & Writing Job Descriptions
  • Getting Started with UNC Charlotte Processes
  • What Makes Up a Position Description in NinerTalent

Defining the Roles in the Search Process

  • Role of the Hiring Manager
  • Role of the Search Chair
  • Role of Administrative Support

Building a Search Committee

  • Importance of a Diverse and Broadly Representative Search Committee
  • Role of the Search Committee
  • UNC Charlotte's Institutional Stance on Affirmative Action and Diversity
  • Search Committee Structures & Processes
  • Moving Applicants in NinerTalent (EHRA Example)

Interview and Evaluation Processes

  • Initial Candidate Review
  • Interviews
  • Questions That Should Not Be Asked
  • Resources
  • Building the On-Campus Interview

Welcome Package

  • Welcome Package
  • On-Campus Logistics
  • Telephone Reference Checks
  • Focusing in on Bias
  • Learn More About Research on Biases and Assumptions

Hiring & Negotiations

  • How to Hire at UNC Charlotte
  • Evaluate the Hiring Process
  • After the Search
  • Temp Hiring Differences

Appendix Resources

  • Timeline Example
  • Search Committee Charge Example
  • Position Description Example
  • Interview Schedule Example
  • Interview Question Examples
  • Evaluation Form Example
  • UNC Charlotte Telephone Reference Check Form (Required)