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Hiring & Negotiations

Points to consider:

  • Hiring timelines
    • The length of the process can impact the candidate’s ability to remain in the pool
    • Determining the start date may be impacted by a candidate’s family status and responsibilities outside of the workplace 
  • Equitable compensation
    • Compensation isn’t just monetary, so consider other items that maybenegotiable (schedule, moving expenses, accessto continued professional development and/or education,  proximity to certain resources, etc.)
    • Who is/isn’t likely to negotiate - framing negotiation as part of the hiring process

Once a selection is made, you will need to start a hiring proposal. You will need to negotiate an estimated start date with the candidate, and have the accepted salary. During this point, you will need to enter rationale for why you selected this particular candidate, and why other candidates were not selected. It is best to use the hiring criteria to best defend your selection. If your salary is different than what HR has proposed, then you will need to provide justification why. 

Remember that this is a proposal until the offer letter is signed, by HR or the Vice Chancellor. In the negotiation process, you can let a candidate know that they are the candidate you have recommended for hire in order to get start date and salary, but they will need to successfully pass a background check. This can be initiated sooner for EHRA positions by emailing if needed.

HR will forward an approved salary back so that a formal offer can be made. 

Points to consider:

  • Did you experience recruitment difficulties in the search process?
  • Did selected candidates withdraw from the process?
  • Did one or more candidates decline your offer?

These are things that you can look at along with HR for recruitment difficulties. This is one way to look at salary and other aspects of a position if the search is not successful.

An effective search process doesn’t end with an accepted job offer. It’s important to evaluate our search processes, understand how candidates and staff members experienced the hiring process, and be open to adjusting and adapting how we recruit and select staff. It’s also vital that we view on-boarding as an extension of the hiring process. Research shows that thoughtful on-boarding can have a huge impact on employee success and retention, and it’s critical that we provide comprehensive, holistic on-boarding support and resources to help new staff succeed.  An additional on-boarding guide for UNC Charlotte Student Affairs Departments will be available on the website along with this guide.

  • Evaluating how the process went (with successful andunsuccessfulsearches) 
    • With search committee
    • With hiring manager
    • With unit 
  • Checking the process to ensure that it was effective and inclusive
  • Following up with candidates who withdrew and/or did not accept your offer as appropriate
  • Communicating with successful candidate/new hire prior to their arrival regarding needs, questions, and expectations
  • Ensuring all search documentation has been completed and records are submitted to the Student Affairs Executive Director to retain according to University policies

Sample Outcomes to Assess from a Search:

  • Based on your experience of the process and if you have heard anything from the candidate, did the candidate leave campus with a good impression of our campus and team, regardless of what the outcome of the search is?
    • Would the candidate say that the process seemed fair?
    • Would the candidate be able to identify our values from the search process?
    • Did we provide a quality experience for the candidate? Would the candidate recognize quality as an aspect of our operation?
  • What did our pool look like at each stage, were there structural circumstances that selected out large groups of particular candidates?
  • Did the right constituents feel that they had a method of input into the process, through direct involvement or submitting questions?
  • What did attendance look like for representative sessions?If attendance was low at these sessions, why? What could we do better in the future?
  • Did the Hiring Manager feel well informed of the process?
  • Did the committee feel that their time was used effectively no matter the outcome?
  • Did the committee feel appreciated?

When hiring temporary employees there are a few allowances the University will allow you to take. Temp Hires should only be for:

  • As needed for a vacant permanent staff position
  • When funding is available
  • When there is a time-limited function

For postings that are not top-level management, filled from internal or reappointments or less than 3 days or less than $25,000 there needs to be advertisement and external competition. 

Temporary positions and their corresponding position number expire when the term is up. Positions must be created new from the Create from Classificationin NinerTalent, this will assign a position number.

The University has a minimum wage of $12 an hour for minimum wage positions unless the position only does one select type of job function, in that event, the wage can be between the federal minimum wage and the institution temporary employee minimum wage. 

For temp hires, you must at least interview two candidates. An offer cannot be made to a candidate before the position closes, and must be posted for a minimum of 7 days. The hiring manager will need to submit an EPAF to hire a temp employee.

Temp employees will be subject to background checks, presenting identification for the E-Verify system, and completing an I-9 form just like full time permanent employees. 

Temp employees can be FLSA Exempt, and if they work for 30-40 hours per week for 11 months, they will be eligible for an ACA high deductible plan. 

All temporary employees will work for less than a year. Specific rules apply according to how many hours per week they are working. More information can be found in PIM Number: 08