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Defining the Roles in the Search Process

The Search Committee Chair and Hiring Manager should meet well before the application deadline to discuss roles, expectations and timeline.

Points to consider:

  • Will the Hiring Manager also serve as the Search Committee Chair?
  • Who sets the on campus schedule? Who decides what constituencies are to be included?
  • What is the process for questions, will they be provided to the committee, or is the committee to come up with questions? 
  • Who provides questions to groups that meet with candidate, hiring manager, search committee, or the groups themselves? Are these solicited and vetted in advance?
  • Who completes reference checks? (Hiring Manager by default, can be delegated to the committee)

The hiring manager is the person who supervises the position being filled.

  • Initiates the search in NinerTalent
  • Selects and appoints the search committee. The hiring manager will ask members, and their respective supervisors as appropriate, to serve via email, in phone or in person prior to sending the official appointment letter.
  • Develops and initiates the advertising plan in conjunction with the Marketing Director. There is a standard format for the advertisement that we use for our positions.
  • Provide charge to search committee about what the unit is searching for, reiterate the qualities and hiring/search criteria.
  • EHRA only, may screen candidates for minimum qualifications before advancing to the committee. They may delegate this to the search chair, or members of the committee.
  • May approve the list of candidates proposed by the Search Committee to be brought to Charlotte for an on-campus interview
  • Finalizes the on-campus interview schedule and may ask for input from the Search Committee. This includes working with the search committee chair and key staff to determine appropriate dates based on staff and student availability. should include significant student involvement create a schedule that
  • If an appropriate candidate is not found during the first round of on-campus interviews, the Hiring Manager works with the Search Committee Chair to determine if additional candidates will be invited based on the initial pool, if the committee will review additional materials after the initial review date, or if the search will be closed unfilled.
  • Completes reference checks on final candidate(s).
  • Makes the final decision on hiring the most-qualified candidate to be selected for the position.


  • In general, the committee is asked to bring forward all qualified candidates after the on-campus interviews are completedwith a list of strengths and concerns. If there is a reason the hiring manager wants ranked candidates, or any other specific information, this should be discussed in advance.
  • Discuss how to raise interviewers’ awareness of potential for bias.

Specific rules and roles apply to expenses related to the search processes. Generally, all search-related expenses come from the budget with which the position is paid. 

These expenses include:

  • Travel related to the interview process.  This includes travel from the airport to hotel if applicable.
  • Meals for the candidate during the interview process, including those related to travel where applicable.
  • Lodging
  • Basic hospitality such as water throughout the interview day for the candidate.

Travel forms and Food, Beverage, and Amenity Expense (FBAE) forms will need to be filled out as soon as candidate information is known.

In addition, it is possible to have the outgoing individual as well as the new hire overlap in work for a short period for onboarding and training purposes if the budget allows

  • Serve as the official spokesperson for the committee
  • Mediate conflict
  • Manage search committee business so that the committee can conduct its work effectively and efficiently
  • Communicate expectations for committee conduct
  • Compile records and send to Student Affairs Executive Director
  • May be asked to call candidates not forwarded to the hiring manager to inform them that they are not moving forward in the selection process. 
  • Assist with the final proposal and hire paperwork, including why candidates were not moved forward
  • Search Committee Chair informs the Committee when the process is completed, and the hire has been made, unless delegated to the hiring manager. 
  • Raise awareness of unconscious assumptions and their influence on evaluation of candidates. Consider whether any such assumptions are the committee’s recommendation of final candidates.

Adapted from UNC Charlotte Interview and Search Committee Guidelines

For these and other reasons, searches will usually need some level of administrative support. If heavy administrative support is used, ensure that the individual providing that support is well informed, courteous, and a positive resource for the candidate. This person must also keep information confidential.

The Administrative support staff member who is supporting the search. This can either be the Admin who works with the Hiring Manager or the Admin who works with the Search Committee Chair, as decided by those two individuals. 

  • Purchases advertisements for the position based on the plan created and communicated by the hiring manager.
  •  on-campus interview schedule. Schedules appropriate rooms, technology and other related needs based on information from Search Committee Chair and Hiring Manager.
  • Sends out on-campus interview packet and calendar invite to everyone invited to participate in the interviews. The packet should include the following:
  • Candidate 
  • Candidate tinerary 
  • Candidate valuation orm
  • Any other pertinent information
  • Schedules transportation for candidates to arrive and to leave from Charlotte for on-campus interview process. Completes all travel-related paperwork, including getting signatures from candidates.
  • Sends a packet to the candidates invited to interview on campus, including the interview schedule and transportation itinerary.
  • On day of interview, provides for the candidate via the Search Committee Chair or on-campus host, and welcome packet.
  • Finalizes all meal payments for the candidate, including receiving, processing, and arranging for reimbursement of meal receipts incurred by those University staff members who accompany the candidate.
  • Complete travel-related paperwork where appropriate
  • Complete FBAE forms where appropriate.