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Carla Hines

Carla Hines - Assistant Director for Administration - Housing & Residence Life
Assistant Director for Administration

Carla Hines has a passion to communicate with prospective students and their parents about the powerful benefits associated with living on campus.

“My role on this team is to sell the campus experience and advantages of living on campus,” said Hines, who is the assistant director for administration in the Housing and Residence Life Office. “We have the broadest range of housing options of any university in North Carolina, and we have a lot of amenities that students and parents are searching for.”

Hines leads a team of three full-time staff members and 12 student housing ambassadors who conduct tours throughout the year. They work collaboratively with other campus units, such as undergraduate admissions, to showcase the resources available to students who reside on campus.

“Our job is to create experiences that enable our residents to succeed – academically, socially and personally; we want to assist them to get everything they need from UNC Charlotte,” Hines stated. “Our team brings resources, such as courses on time management or an introduction to the Counseling Center, into the residence halls to meet the students where they are. Creating a community empowers students to seek out other organizations and opportunities available to them.”

For Hines, her belief in the power of on-campus living is personal. As an undergraduate at Murray State University, she was a resident assistant for three years. “It was a terrific experience that enabled me to make a lot of connections that have served me well throughout my life.”

Upon graduation, Hines, who was a member of the ROTC, was commissioned as an U.S. Army officer and served on active duty for nearly eight years. Her first duty station was in Vicenza, Italy. After the military, she worked in human resources for a major health care provider in Albany, New York.

Returning to her “roots” in housing has been very rewarding for Hines, who has been at the University for 13 years. “Seeing students who connect with the on-campus experience and blossom as productive, contributing members of our community makes me know that the job that I’m doing is a great job. I grew up with lots of people who invested their time to help me succeed, and I want to provide our students with those opportunities, too.”

And being a member of the University community is a source of pride for Hines. “People in the greater community see UNC Charlotte as a leader for the region, and I’m proud to represent the University, on and off the clock.”

Beyond the University, Hines is a fighter against cancer. "I am a person living with colon cancer after being diagnosed originally in 2015. Cancer is a worthy opponent ... but still I rise each day to fight the good fight. I am active with colon cancer support groups to raise awareness about the importance of early screening. Our primary fundraiser in this effort is the upcoming ‘Get Your Rear in Gear’ 5k run/walk being held in uptown Charlotte on March 4, 2017. I will be participating in this great event and will be looking for walkers/supporters for Carla's Sassy Strollers. The event raises money for the community for colon cancer screening awareness and resources that will be available in the Charlotte area. I've been fortunate with my team here and across the University to receive support in my fight."

Hines also volunteers at the Mint Hill Branch Library and is a member of a bowling league.

This article originally appeared in Inside UNC Charlotte.